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Unequal Scenes: A Look at Inequality in South Africa


Yaa Gyasi Returns to Berkeley a Year After Her Novel's Release | Books | Oakland, Berkeley & Bay Area

click to enlarge In her 2016 novel, Homegoing, Yaa Gyasi chronicles the progeny of two sisters from 18th century Ghana. One sister marries a white, British slave trader, while the other is kidnapped and sold into slavery. Gyasi follows each sister's lineage, with every chapter depicting a new descendant.


Pages And Party Lines at the Bay Area Book Festival | Books | Oakland, Berkeley & Bay Area

click to enlarge Courtesy of the Bay Area Book Festival The night of the 2016 presidential election, one of Cherilyn Parsons' reactions was, "Oh my God, is a literary festival even relevant?" Parsons was in the deep planning stages of the third-annual Bay Area Book Festival, which she founded.


Berkeley's New Progressive Majority Gets Serious About Homelessness Solutions | East Bay Express

click to enlarge Berkeley's new, progressive-majority City Council is moving quickly to prioritize homelessness issues - and advocates say it's almost too good to be true. "They're hoping it's going to happen, but they don't believe it," said homeless resident and activist Mike Lee, on some of Berkeley's recent policy proposals.

Emma, Loic, and Jeffrey discuss interning at VOA. 


Barbara Blaser Didn't Try Cannabis Until Her Seventies. Now, She's A Registered Nurse At An Oakland Dispensary. | Taste | Food & Drink | Oakland, Berkeley & Bay Area | East Bay Express

click to enlarge Barbara Blaser didn't ingest cannabis for the first time until she was 70 years old. (There was that incident 13 years ago, with some marijuana-infused banana bread, to which she had not consented, but that doesn't count.) She'd lived her life - through the Sixties and more -pot free.


Berkeley City Council Resorts to 'Nuclear Option' ... In Library Board Drama | East Bay Express

In what was referred to as Berkeley city council's very own "nuclear option," Mayor Jesse Arreguin and five other council members voted last week to unseat two Board of Library Trustees members, President Julie Holcomb and Vice-President Jim Novosel.


Trump Threatens UC Berkeley's Federal Funding After Milo Yiannopoulos Protest | East Bay Express

When asked how he would describe Wednesday evening's protest against conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley, Oakland resident Michael Mendoza chose "volatile" and "togetherness." click to enlarge The contradiction of these words was a sort of hamartia, or fatal flaw, for the demonstrators last night: UCB is a campus famed for its free-speech value, yet students and residents denied an individual that very right.